So here's Hells Revenge after a 9:30am breakfast a McDonalds....getting to know this trail VERY well nowadays.

Most of the way out to the overlook.

Corbin in the same spot. For the JP Magazine run, I tried to flop this rig right here.....hard to do, but I'm talented like that. Had to get Stan Pruiett to back me down with all the tires on the ground.

The little Willy's is kind of fun to watch. Short wheelbase but pretty flexy.

Brent's Oscar Mike, YJ. Yota axles with at least a 400 HP Ford 5.0L. It's sounds like it drinks fuel like our Lincoln.

...and let's try this Hell's Gate thing.

Corbin chose not to drive here. No problem. I didn't want to drive my JK through here (pansy, I know).

OK, we're down now.

Not a hard climb but you obviously want the right line.

Headed up to the tubs. Corbin leading Caleb. Pretty cool to see the younguns out there.

We're about to head down from the tubs.

Everybody's safe headed down the Dragon's Tail.

...and we're pretty done at Tip Over Challenge. I was the only one to climb it in my JK. Everybody else had had enough.

Headed back to the highway, then to get cleaned up and grab some Mexican food across the street from the Ramada. Then we get to load up and head for home in the morning. 8 hour drive for the Orton's. Glad they come down. Very fun trip. Loved having the kids have rigs to drive.

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