...and now we have Sunday. Back to Hells Revenge with a different crew.

Dave had a bad CV in his rear driveline at trail meeting place. He decided to ride in comfort in a friend's JKU. Here's our BLM "safety meeting" at the trailhead. I got to collect waiver's this time.

A little Hell's Revenge but we are just cruising out to Hells Gate ASAP as that's the basic reason we are doing this trail.

I don't know why, but I love watching my rig on the trails. (that's not Eric driving)

Here's Lynds stuck with me. She's talking about Crymbiotic crust.

artsy hair picture

Technically not exactly "crymbiotic crust" but likely a close cousin or similar. Saved for posterity on the iPhone

We had a LOT of takers on Hells Gate

Hey, kingpins big ol' punkin on a TJ... LIKE

Waving to the crowd in your JK

A little Cobia XJ action


Some hot tub after the Hells Gate

turned to drivers side a bit early here

Some Mike Ehlers....

Here's the drop down into the tub. It gets your attention.

...a little throttle from here and you're out.

...please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times. Keep your seatbelts on and have fun.

We are strapping here to avoid cleaning up busted glass and spilled fluids.

Now we are to Escalator. I'm the traffic cop down at the bottom.

good line for JKU

and out we go.

fun spot in a TJ

Oh, wait, that's a long TJ

(love those)

Mike and Melina yawning through the escalator.

It's not all fun and games folks. If you're off your marks by a few inches in here, you get this type of action.




Since we're not doing hot tubs today, we'll just hang out here by the dragon's tail.

chili cheese tots and a hamburger.... good stuff, dude.

Monday run with Teraflex

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