Easter Jeep Safari 2010--Thursday--RME run, Behind the Rocks

Got a good crew from our local bulletin board to run Green Day in area BFE. www.rockymountainextreme.com all photos stolen from trip report on that site (Shane Herzog and Dom Simpson)

Well, it's really not starting well. Here's Shane in his buggy after unloading.

Paraphrasing the words of one of my favorite films "It got better". Here's a bunch of folk airing down before the run and after the white stuff had abated a little. That's me helping air down LT's RamCharger while chatting with the resident gatekeeper of AreaBFE.

This is how gooey and nasty things are out there. This is from the trip out.

The first part of the trail. I'm right behind Shane in his buggy, but it's nice that the sun's out and it was somewhat challenging here slipping around on the rocks.

The view from below. This is an interestingly built XJ with Super Duty axles/wheels. He was not afraid of working the rig at all.

A collection of us at the top while we made sure other peeps got through (excuse to take pics and heckle others)

Optional climb at the top. Slippery, but I think I went right up. The pictures below show the differences in wheelbase of similar rigs on the same obstacle. I'm at 101" wheelbase. 40" Goodyear Kevlars

This is a very nice rig from Colorado. I've run a few trails with him before and since. I believe his name is Craig, but I'll have to validate/verify next time I see him. He's right around 108" if I remember correctly. 39" BFG Krawlers

Here's Seth Bowers with 40" Maxiss Creepy Crawlers. He's stretched out to about 114" or something. Still has that pesky exhaust leak also. :D

A lovely "worked" ZJ trying another optional climb. I missed that one but it could get a little interesting with my shorter wheelbase.

Coming down the trail. To me, this is the fun part of this trail. You've got to really trust your spotter and your rig (esp. with the top on my Jeep--don't need to buy another one of those). Those are some pretty decent ledges and it's easy to get hung up with both axles and not be able to reverse out of it.

Good perspective of the trail. One of my favorite pictures of my Jeep. Great trail and good photo.

Here's what I was mentioning above. That's a pretty decent drop and I need to land the passenger front in a good way or I'm hitting the gas hard and hoping for the best. Shane got me down safely.