Moab Easter Jeep Safari

I've always heard about Mashed Potato trail, but never run it. Brian invited me on the next day's run with his group and I was glad to accept. I GPS'd my route pretty well. (need to download that out of my GPS, now that I think about it)

Holy crap, another video. Fun climb out of a weird, deep wash. Brian's buddy with the red CJ took a good shot at it with his old school tires and stick shift. Thought I should see if I could drive it. Those guys with the sticks can drive. You can tell I just get lucky getting up stuff.

Brian in the "Gravy Boat". :D Good stuff. I noticed my passenger leaf springs weren't exactly "healthy" at this point so I passed on the fun stuff from here on out. Turned out to be a good thing to do.

Ah, first obstacle on Pickle. :-) Short fun trail. Another guy in Brians group with a stick. I guess he's from Bountiful. Seems pretty funny I have to drive all the way to Moab to meet someone that's just a couple miles away from me.

The infamous "OlyWrestle" from RME. Flogger of XJ and D35 guru. What can you say? The kid can drive and he's got a decently balanced rig. Makes me remininsce about my old XJ with the 32" MTRs and D35 with ARB in the front. Had no business being on the trails I was on and in the company I was in, but I didn't really slow anyone down. (other than tie rod things)

I made pretty short work of this obstacle. The 40's are pretty nice in places like this. They just roll over stuff.


Here's some videos of the end of Pickle.

Nicely executed JK built by TnT Customs out of Wyoming. Cubic $ rig, but hey, I would if I had the means. Those are the 43" Swamper SX tires.

Brian on the end of Pickle.

Here's my cutie. Funny how I had trouble getting the rear up the first ledge and almost no issues going up the second, much harder ledge....

Silly Jeep.

Well, here's the rest of my week. Thursday-Sunday we hung out at White Wash Sand dunes. Fixed a few tires, wandered around a little (Ten Mile Wash is something I need to explore more), took the wife in the Jeep (TWICE---the world will end soon)