2-16-08--Brent, Rick, myself and Tara

Wait a second. Mud? in Moab. I'm wheeling the tow rig with the trailer? This could really suck. Location is the trailhead of Behind the Rocks.

White stuff. This will soon put an end to our day on Behind the Rocks.

Well, here's Tara posing like the Rodeo Queen that she is. (and she's even in a "Bronco"?) Nice parade wave. (It's a new camera. It'll take a while for the newness to rub off)

...and here's where the white stuff kills this trail for us on this day. Right about where Chris is, is where Brent made it before pulling the front tire about a foot off the ground. Chris and I were watching from behind and thinking that he was going over funkily backwards as he pulled the tire. We hiked to the top of the climb and started remembering "High Dive" would probably be covered with the same kind of snow and we'd be headed down it. Thus ended the winch talk. We then theorized to head to Poison Spider for some fun in the snow and then (after driving out there) we learned that there was the 'Ultra-marathon' run that ENDED at the start of Poison Spider. Roughly 250-300 runners headed at us nearing the end of their 30 or 50 Km runs. We thought we'd speak well for the 4WD sport and head to Cliffhanger.

Hey, a trailhead. A happy kid in the passenger seat. This might turn out well after all.

LemonJoy park brake

An ARB issue on Rick's 9" stops us all. You can get a perspective on LemonJoy's park brake.

Hey, a nice little family lunch

..and then there's our kids "lunch". Bye. If you fall, we don't know you.

Hrrrmmm....found another weak link. I seriously considered the HD output shaft when I was putting this pile together. After asking around I got a LOT of mixed opinions about how easy it was to break one of these. A lot of folks have never had a problem and run a V8 in front of their rigs. Some had issues with their V6 and low power. I decided to let it break. I'd had a D35 survive about 4 years of my use, I figured I could get away with an output shaft. I are wrong.

Snapped that pup clean off. Now, do I blow some cheese for an HD unit, or spend the house payment on an Atlas?