Easter Jeep Safari 2010--Hell's Revenge

My first EVER Jeep Safari trail. Bart Jacobs is the trail leader. I'm not sure if I know him, but he seems like a decent enough guy. My boys weren't to into snapping pics for some reason. All pics are from a trail acquaintance from Mass. in an XJ. They were MUCH warmer than we were. It looks like lovely weather, but it's only about 45* or so with some wind as well.

This little climb is totally optional. I was anxious to try SOMETHING on this trail as we hadn't found anything super challenging at all yet. We weren't really on the trail for a challenge, but to socialize and have some fun. Lyndsay (5 yr. old daughter) was on her first Moab experience. She did WELL even though it was cold. I had her and Eric (10 yr. old son) in the back exposed to the wind more than Corbin and myself. I had every piece of warm clothing I could find on those two.

Here we are at the top of the little climb. This is just past the overlook on the way to the rest of the trail.

I believe this is just as you turn towards the latter part of the trail after the overlook.

This photo kind of shows some of the diversity of the Hell's Revenge trail. There are a number of slickrock domes that we had just climbed and we're just heading for some more as we head up to the hot tubs.

This is on the way up to the hot tubs. Part of the EJS experience is staying together on the trail so those that are new to the trails don't get lost.

I believe this shot is right up on top where I parked by the hot tubs. I was kind of a wuss with the hot tubs, the 40" tires and it being the first run of EJS to play in those. Trying to make sure Lyndsay has a good first experience.

We headed home for school on Sunday after our first trail day. We have a scheduled trail day with Behind the Rocks on Wednesday so we'll be back before that.

Behind the Rocks