Sea World Action

La Jolla Sea Wall family picture.

Kids playing below the sea wall in the water. Lyndsay was quite infatuated by the waves. The boys were to lazy to take their shoes off and they are wet and stinky now. A lovely thing in our little hotel room.

The next day we hit Sea World at about 11 am. Kids were nervous about the polar bear, but it turned out OK. Corbin is not a kid and was not nervous. Eric was not nervous as well. He was happy.

Rare that I get to take this picture, but I think she's pretty photogenic. I'm about to get chastised for having the camera this close. :)

Cool series of the Shamu show. It's AMAZING how agile and precise these HUGE animals are. They seem pretty happy to perform for some fish from the trainers. Kind of like a big dog?

Corbin's water ride. "Journey to Atlantis". I had my towel over my camera until the last second. Snapped some pics and stuck the towel back over the camera and turned my back to the water. Seemed to work well.


The seals were pretty amazing. There was chereographed show that mirrored Saturday Night Live skits with the seals. Pretty fun stuff. There was a little otter that kept appearing, but we missed his shots pretty much.

Day is pretty much over. Crying was encouraged by SeaWorld staff.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wow, a real carrier!?! Commissioned in 1946, after it was built it was the biggest ship in the world for the next 10 years. Amazing to walk through all the areas that are opened and see all the work it must take to support a ship without the govt. $ involved.

F4U Corsair. Bigger than I thought it would be. The propeller is GIGANTIC.

Kids in the brig. We need one of these at the house.

Eric in a cockpit. I couldn't figure out the make of the plane. Possibly an F4 Phantom?

Corbin trying his hand at the switches and controls.

Marnie seemed to be a master. She was taking notes.

I can barely fit in there. I'm sure I wouldn't with a helmet and flight gear.

An Avenger. Of Bermuda Triangle and "Flyboys" fame. That's a LARGE aircraft as well. Crew of three.


F-18. I didn't get a picture of the F-14 next to it for some stupid reason.

Oh, love that shape.

Mr. Casual

Dad, can I take this on the plane?

Hey, Marnie....

How you doin?