Moab Run 2007

Here we are. Took us a while to get going today. Needed to finish some laundry, hit Costco for drinks and stuff, drive back home to get a few things, fuel up (that hurt the wallet) and FINALLY hit the road about 12:00 or so. Hit a pretty decent little snowstorm in Spanish Fork Canyon (that's highway 6 between Spanish Fork and Price, UT for the uninformed :D ). Finally got to Moab about 4 pm, set up our tents and went looking for a friend from work. We saw him with the trailer on (wonder if they broke the CJ5?) headed south in Moab. I left my business card with my cell phone number in the footwell of their MB at the condo they're staying at. Hope all is well.

Thursday, April12, 2007

So Here's how the day begins. I load up my kids, my camping gear, my Jeep, spareparts, golf clubs (gotta take those, don't you?) and whatever else I can haul from the house into the Stuper Duty and the trailer. Truck is FULL, trailer is packed pretty good and we're off.

Wimpy photos for the day.

Loaded at the house....... Wow! intense stuff there. Jeep fits my trailer pretty nice, though.

Grabbing fuel for the Powerjoke in Moab after we got here. That trailer seems pretty decent for what I need it to do. I need to find a scale and see how much it weighs, the Jeep weighs and the fatass pickup weighs (that's gotta be about 7700 lbs).

Here's our little campsite. We've got both tents off the ground on the trailer deck (a strategy worth trying with young boys--I'll update later in the week) and have everything sorta secured.

That's pretty much our day so far. I'm gonna head up and see if Matt has issues with the 5 and maybe find out where they're headed tomorrow. Trail pics tomorrow. :D Dunno what trail, but something. If you're in town, look me up.


Friday, April 13

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