JU Moab Run 2007


This is becoming quite the annual event. I haven't been able to go for at least a couple of years and missed a couple of years before that. It'll be fun to get back and meet old friends and make some new ones. I used to be one of the only guys with a 'shortbus' and now I've got a 1 ton Wrangler with the same wheelbase. This will be my 'Jeep's second trip to Moab since the reconstruction and about it's fifth trip overall. It's just getting a lot of the bugs worked out of it. There's still a couple of things I need to change, but they aren't going to happen before tomorrow when I load up the Jeep on the new trailer and head out.


Thursday, April19, 2007

So Here's how the day begins. I load up my kids, my camping gear, my Jeep, spareparts, golf clubs (gotta take those, don't you?) and whatever else I can haul from the house into the Stuper Duty and the trailer.