Southwest Crawlfest--U4WDA Winter convention 2010-Friday Jan. 29, 2010

From that little spot, we moved on to other parts of the trail. (this is about 500 yards into the trail). Lots of fun obstacles and situations here. Good stuff.


OK, so here's Matt moving again under his own power. We did have some issues with that later in the day.

Good little downhill that has about a 3' ledge at the bottom and a very sharp left turn. Kinda rough turn if you have a spool in the rear (I have one, I know). Multi-point turn.

Here's Justin, hating life on his second day of trails in a Heep. Notice Seth's "handicap".

ah....cute little bugger. NICE JEEP DUDE. Oh wait, it's mine. Cute little Tonka truck thing.

Another steep downhill. If there's a theme to this trail, that would be it. Steep downhill.

Hey wait, there's an uphill now. It's kind of a pain with the ledge you can see and a gigantasaurus hole for the rear tire that you can't see in this picture. WAY more of a throttle hill for me with the MTRS than last year with the Creepy's. That's got to be rough on parts. Something to address. Beadlocks are in my future (I was only down to about 11 psi because I lost a bead last year on this trail).

Here's the top of the hill, just behind Seth's item. The yaller Jeep has a crate 502 in it. :D Me likey. Cool guy from Las Vegas. He was on the trail with us last year while his dad rolled his TJ.

...and then you go up this quick little climb. This is the definition of a momentum hill. Commitment with some throttle and wheelspeed makes this hill pretty easy. It's a pain if you don't hit the gas.

Better view of Seth's "handicap" for this event.

Lots of rigs have a hard time here. I was no exception.

This is the top the little hill. I have to back my front tire into that little groove with the rubber marks in it. Then drive up that. Not a biggie. I did get to the top and found some surprise loose rocks.

Ok, here's Brett Davis on the end of his winch cable. He spun a tube in his 14 bolt and was in front drive only.

Brett loves being at the end of the trail on a winch cable. :D