Easter Jeep Safari 2010--Wednesday--Behind the Rocks

My second EVER Jeep Safari trail. Some familiar faces as I pull up. Some of the Moab Friends for Wheelin' group are on the trail with us and the Brett Davis guy is with us again.

I REALLY like the JKs. They just seem SO capable with a decent lift and some 35-37" tires. I REALLY think the rig needs a real engine in it, though. An Unlimited JK with a small V8 would be ideal. Seems like a balanced daily driver type of rig that is still very trail capable. Jeep hit a home run, it just barely went foul with the engine performance in my opinion. I've yet to buy a new car, but that is one I considered until I drove one. I like everything about it, but it's a little weak on power.

Hey, there's that Jeff Stevens guy at the bottom of High Dive.

Here's an unknown to me XJ. Last time I was on this trail was about '99, maybe 2000? Anyway, I was in my XJ with 32" MT/Rs (BRAND NEW to the market and to my XJ). Times have changed a little.

....and here's a bit of an issue with smaller tires or not following your spotter. I don't know how this didn't go over, but it teetered right on the brink for a second or two before coming back. I thought we'd be picking up glass for a while. It looked like the driver hit the brakes as he was going off the ledge and didn't want to let off. Him trying to stop it, made his life interesting for a few minutes.

Here's Brett going down the hill.

I believe he's right after the XJ experience. I'm pretty sure he'll be watching his spotter fairly closely.

and there he is down without issue.

Here goes my shorter wheelbase rig. I was watching a guy I didn't know, but he had gotten at least 10 rigs down the hill before me without incident.

Those are 40" tires that measure 40". That's a fairly impressive drop we're going down. Whenever I get to this point, I always remind myself to hit the gas not the brake in the event of not knowing what to do.

...and here I am, about ready to punch it as I can start to feel the drivers rear a little as the front passenger hits bottom.

...but I'm down without incident and hitting the throttle.

Here's another reason to hit this trail. White Knuckle Hill. I haven't been here for about 10 years. :D I was admittedly a bit nervous going over that. I took my setup pretty carefully.

Not the greatest shot, but you feel pretty vertical as you go over. As mentioned previously, when in doubt I hit the throttle. The trail leader had EVERYONE use a strap as you went down to make sure we all got off the trail without incident. I guess I hit the throttle a little faster than I should have an pulled a few guys that were trying to help me down. Sorry about that helpers.

Hrrrmmm....I think the CJ8s have 108" wheelbase?




This is our Thursday activity. Trail monitor. That actually turned out better than I thought it would. Gave me a minute to work on my pile a little.


Green Day with the RME folk