2018 San Rafael Swell trip

Swell pics

2016 Rubicon-RME trip

Rubicon pics

2016 Easter Jeep Safari

EJS 2016 pics


2016 Feb Trip (Long Canyon & Arches)

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SEMA 2015

SEMA pics and such


2015 Fins and Things trip (coming soon)

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2015 San Rafael Swell trip (coming soon)

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2015 Easter Jeep Safari

EJS 2015 pics here



2014 Easter Jeep Safari

John's pug is trying to find Lynds.....

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2014 Presidents Day

Corbin is looking FINE

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2013 Abajo mtn Elk hunt

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Rubicon Trip-July 2013

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EJS 2013 - Moab UT

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2012 JK Unlimited (Wrangler 4 door) "build"

Build & pics

Old Man RME run - Snake trails to get some dirt on the tires-Nov 2012

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Oct. Moab-2012

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Sego Canyon-Arches with the Fam-May 2012

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San Diego with the Fam-June 2011

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Easter Jeep Safari - 2011


The famed Escalator. I'm staring RIGHT at Bart Jacobs. Walked right up while listening to him.

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St. George- 2011 Crawlfest


Great trip so far. Headed to St. George Crawlfest 2011. Did Jon's Trail on Friday. Great group, lots of fun.

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St. George- Oct. 23, 2010

I head to St. George for work and haul my Jeep along for the ride. Oh, and a couple of kids INSISTED on coming with me even though they were going to have to sit and wait while I worked. It's pretty wet and you can see the latest erosion in the wash we're running. Steve Crabtree hooks us up with Olly and Tracy. Fun group!

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2010 EJS--March-April, 2010

The famous Easter Jeep Safari. I've never attended, but I did this year

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2010 U4WDA Winter Convention/Southwest Crawlfest--Jan. 28-29, 2010



well....I thought at least three tires were supposed to be on the ground at all times?

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2004 RAM 2500

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Moab-October 2, 2009

Brett and I take my Jeep, his Jeep, the camp trailer and two large F*rd deezels to Moab to meet up with Kirk and family in Moab. Pritchett the first day, then Pickle the next.

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Richfield U4WDA-August 1, 2009

Crazy 8 trail near Richfield. Good stuff and good dinner. Thanks to the Richfield/U4 hosts and volunteers.

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Rusty Nail-March 21, 2009

I snag my son Eric, my younger brother Broc and his son, Bridger and head to Moab for the day. We met up with Jeff Stevens and crew and ran Rusty Nail. This was basically Bridger's expression all day long. I don't know that he'd ever go again?

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U4WDA St. George run-Jan. 23, 2009

We run John's trail with John leading, but here's a Curtis McNeil shot. I took my dad on his first "hard core" trail with Curtis McNeil, Parket Garrett and about 10 other rigs.

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Well, Here's a little trip to Moab in Oct. '08.

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New tires

Well, back to 78" sidewall/sidewall.


2-16-08 President's day in Moab

Ummm, what's the white stuff???

Well, the white stuff is gone

and so is my D300 output shaft

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1-1-08--Larry and I hit the Snakes


Hey, look! A Jeep with red doors. My daughters first trip ever.

Here's Larry on the waterfall on RattleSnake.

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Price Run-U4WDA Fall Trail Ride

Fun little slot canyon near Price UT.

A little further into the obstacle. It's all about tire placement obviously. This is where I got wondering about the lifespan of my front springs. I had to stop and wait for a Toyota to get through (yeah, even they have issues at times) and got out of my Jeep and noticed my front leaf at/near full droop and seriously STRESSED. Got me thinking about limiting straps (on a leaf sprung Jeep?) to extend the life of the leafs.

You can barely see the SMACK on the BTF Dana 60 cover. I felt that hit in my teeth, but the cover really didn't seem to care much. Scratched the paint.

Coming out of the 'slot' you get a little tippy. After being in the slot for about 45 minutes or so, I was ON the throttle a little more than I should have been.

So Nick decides to roll a bead on his rear tire here. I got to break out the highlift (of which I won a new one at the raffle later that evening :D---Courtesy of 4WP here in Salt Lake--THANKS again! I promise it will get good use) while we reset the bead.


Moab Run 2007


It'll be fun to get back and meet old friends and make some new ones. I used to be one of the only guys with a 'shortbus' and now I've got a 1 ton Wrangler with the same wheelbase. This will be my 'Jeep's second trip to Moab since the reconstruction and about it's fifth trip overall. It's just getting a lot of the bugs worked out of it. There's still a couple of things I need to change, but they aren't going to happen before tomorrow when I load up the Jeep on the new trailer and head out (spring perches, motor mounts and the interior Durabak are the major things).

Old "Shortbus" AKA 'The ToolShed'--Solid little Jeep that I felt was nearing the end of it's useful life (another unibody stress victim). Picture taken in the July of '04 (holy crap, was it that long ago?) and it was HOT! Did I mention how hot it was in July in Moab?

Here's my rig from my Presidents Day trip earlier this year.

..........and my rig on one of my favorite trails, Pritchett Canyon in Feb. 2007.



Thursday, April12, 2007

OK, so I'm hitting the JU run early. Kill me! :D A guy from work's in-laws are headed down and I thought I'd come down early since I have to leave early. I expect to be in Moab roughly 2 pm or so, setup camp at Canyonlands, and maybe hit a quick trail before grabbing some chow.

Friday, April 13, 2007

No wife. No daughter. No neighbor. I hung out with Matt Manfull and his family. Pretty crappy weather. We ran out Kane Creek and went back to their condo. The kids and I hit mini Lions Back and did an abridged version of Hells Revenge and had an early dinner at Pizza Hut.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'll try get Matt to come out of his shell a little. I dunno what trail, but it's gonna be fun. Couldn't get Matt and family to check out a real trail :D, but we had a great time with the Moab locals.


Coyote is a sweet trail. Just kinda never stops. LOTS of pics here. All kid taken. :D

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wife, neighbors, coworkers in-laws all taking off for home. I'm looking for JU guys to hang with now. (not that they weren't welcome to hang before, but I'm not sure if my motley crew is what they're after) We might play a little golf or just hit a couple of sights with the boys or ???? (hopefully not fix the 'Jeep').

We all knew it would happen. For some reason, I can't stay out of those tubs. I was DENIED. I don't know if it was the tire pressure, water in the tub or ???, but I was NOT getting out the 'normal' way. I was able to back out on my own power, though.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Let's do it! What's the trail-du-jour? Trail of the Day turned out to be Rusty Nail.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

This will be my last day in Moab this trip, but I didn't know it until I was about a mile from the highway on the way out. I lost my fuel pump (I think). Fun day, though. We had a pretty good run going until Rocker Knocker and we took our time doing that one. It's tough to get a TJ up a line I'm used to just walking up with a 101" wheelbase. I'll have to figure out a TJ/YJ wheelbase line next time I go.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Normally a fun day culminating with the PotLuck dinner and some raffle stuff. I dunno what trail, but hopefully I haven't used up all my spare parts by now.

Thursday, April 19, 2007 (my last day in Moab--business trip on Friday at 5 pm.)

Load it up and head for home? Buy a couple of t-shirts and bail?


2012 JKU Build

Jeep Build Stuff


XJ pics and other rigs


2004 Dodge


East Carribean



2001 7.3L F350